Aug 7, 2016

Our Beers

Little Rivers Core Range

Little Rivers Core Range


 Golden Ale

Golden Ale

Our Golden Ale has a distinctive golden straw like colour, an intense tropical fruit aroma and flavour, combined with a pleasant hoppy bitterness.

Perfect for Australia’s golden summer!

Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Little Rivers Pale Ale uses Cascade hops to bring out floral aromas with a citrus kick.

A higher proportion of pale malts results in a light colour.

European Dark Lager

Dark Lager

Let’s go Euro with our Dark Lager.

A malty aroma with light chocolate and coffee characteristics and a smooth finish makes this a beer for cooler nights.

Dam Busters – mid strength Pale

Dam Busters

This mid strength ale packs a punch, just like the Blue Derby mountain bike trail it is named after.

It may be lighter on the alcohol side, but it’s big on flavour.

Using 100% Tasmanian hops gives Dam Busters a huge hop kick and flavours of passionfruit and citrus.



A traditional German style beer dating back hundreds of years and still popular in it’s original home.

The hef is an unfiltered wheat beer, boasting the classic characteristics of banana and clove derived from fermentation by-products.

Seasonal and Specialty brews

Our specialty brews are a diverse mix, and in most cases are only available at events (in kegs)
or in a handful of bottleshops (in six packs).

The best of these so far have been –

  • Dorset Lager
  • Little Licker (a dark lager infused with Licqorice)
  • Harvest Ale (all Tassie hops & grain for the harvest festival)
  • Ginger Ale
  • Watermelon Ale
  • Stout – very dark & super smooth – ran out in no time and sure to be bottled soon
  • Amber Ale
  • Brown Ale
  • Black Triple IPA

Watch out for our specialty brews at Tasmanian and Victorian food and wine festivals.
Any of the above or maybe a new treat will be there to tempt you.